10 reasons School life is the most important part of life

10 reasons School life is the most important part of life

You must’ve gotten tired of hearing the phrase “school life has the best years in your life” from people around. It may or may not be completely true. But school life has a beauty to it that makes it worth remembering throughout your life. Here are 10 reasons why school life is the most important part of life:

  • Friends-They say “always value your friends from school. They are the truest of them all”. I couldn’t agree more about that. School is the first step for anyone to be out there socialising and making friends. It helps to become more extroverted and approachable by nature in the long run. 
  • Resources- School gives you knowledge on many levels. From studies to art classes and sports, you are exposed to extracurricular activities with education. This helps in the all-round development of a student.

  • Free knowledge- Let us face this- when we are in school, our parents are paying for our education and everything around us. This just means you need to wake up and enjoy your life. School is giving you knowledge and exposure to the world around you. 

  • Uniform- Although it might annoy you in your school days, uniforms are actually pretty useful. It represents the students of the school and saves up time deciding what to wear. 

  • Holidays- As kids, we all waited for Fridays and those national holidays from school. But when you look back and think about it, holidays made us make the best use of the day. It helped make memories. 

  • Teachers- They used to give homework and scold us when we couldn’t complete it. But they are the best people around you. They have literally raised you outside the home from the ground-root level. Valuing your Guru is as important as valuing people around you. 

  • Greetings- One of the most important things school teaches is greeting people. Saying “Good morning ma’am” not only made us feel nice but also the teacher. Try the same today with people around you and see their faces light up. 

  • Lunch- I think this is still there among us that we wait for lunchtime. Lunches in school teach us a very important value of sharing. 

  • Teamwork- Through games and even class projects, schools help students learn the value of teamwork. These come very handily in the future to help us deal with situations. 

  • Builds confidence- Lastly, school life helps you build confidence in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. We might be hating the subjects we are studying while schooling but it has its advantages. Not only does it help you gain knowledge, but also helps keep yourself aware of the things around you. As a result, it helps you build confidence. 

We might hate going to school while we are students, but you will surely miss it when you grow older. At Parevartan School, we try our best to make sure that the students enjoy every moment of their school life so that when they go out in the world, they take beautiful memories with them. Imagine building yourself up into a great human being under one roof you call your “second home”. Enjoy school as much as you can, it is truly amazing!

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