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Parevartan School

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Vision & Mission

To create a wonder world in the image of Almighty where life is full of imagination & creativity; observation & curiosity; understanding & productivity. Essentially propelled by the pure winds of truth, love, righteousness, peace & non violence.

To provide value based high quality education to the children in a manner which enables them to realize their true potential and face the challenges of life confidently.

To create a homogeneous environment among students and teachers, to adopt latest technologies as a result of which the students attain fruitful skills and also aspire to become healthy and responsible citizens.


We at Parevartan School believe that education/learning is the raising of character and deepening of feelings. We are passionately committed to change our self first and then the world for the better by caring enough the world.

for the better by caring enough. How?
♦ Do more than exist — Live…
♦ Do more than look — Observe…
♦ Do more than hear — Listen…
♦ Do more than listen — Understand…
♦ Do more than understand —Apply.

To help children to grow with high values, good character, moral integrity and the knowledge and skills of good citizens and to impart education with multi-dimensional aspects and train young generation to develop them as valuable assets to the society.

Parevartan School