Ruchi Rana (Samragyi Rana Mother – NUR)

We have recently moved to Bikaner(Rajasthan) & Samragyi has started school here. On the very first day, when I went to pick up Samragyi from school,everyone seemed to be talking about her. My first thought was, ” what has she done?” But on the contrary everyone was praising her. The director of the school came up to me personally and congratulated me for having such a well-mannered, smart and bright child. He especially mentioned how he was amazed to see a 4-year-old reciting her shlokas and mantras so clearly and beautifully. I told him that it’sbecause of her previous school PAREVARTAN. The Gurumas’hard work has moulded her this way. I also told him that each & every child atPAREVARTAN is treated specially. Her Guruma was like a fairy godmother, taking care of her at every step and nurtured her with so much love. She is now a brand ambassador for PAREVARTAN and always will be! No words can express my gratitude. Thank you so much.