Greetings to you all!

“We envision a school which strives above all else to instill love for learning and one which prepares students to become successful leaders and problem solvers. We believe that true learning puts character over mind and ego. It is an experience that can be realized only by looking within. 

The elementary school years see a stunning time of development and growth. We enjoy the luxury of childhood and let it build brick by brick with proper environs for learning. We rejoice in each milestone and never hurry.

At Parevartan, each individual is cherished and personally known. All are given due respect, and a sense of security, which makes them feel at home. We at Parevartan invest trust and confidence in each other. 
Our goal as an educational institute is to instill ethical and moral values which are modeled, encouraged and practiced daily, leading to responsible and sensitive interactions with others. We observe that our students, while achieving high levels of excellence in academics and behavior standards, remain comfortably child like. 
‘We are the world. ‘We believe it is essential that children know, not only intellectually, but also emotionally and spiritually from live experience. We proudly salute our Indian heritage and guide the children to be open minded, informed, sensitive, inquisitive and responsible citizens of the world. 

Continuing the stride towards excellence!!!