“Efficiency is doing the things right, Effectiveness is doing the right things.”

To ensure all round development of our students around as per their interests, we have a variety of club activities that are organized twice a week to develop and enhance their social and creative skills.

Wherein, The Students interact with their peers and Gurumas, and have the opportunity to connect with those who share instead of their peers.

A few clubs that we have at Parevartan School:


This club helps the children to enhance their creativity and self expression. Activities offered in this club are

  • Jewellery Designing
  • Coaster making 
  • Macramé clutch and purse hanging
  • Key rings, name plates
  • Canvas painting
  • Soft board texture painting


This club aims to nurture the talent of all the budding singers and provide a conducive environment for learning.

In vocal music various styles of music both folk and classical, various ragas and shlokas are introduced to the students.

In Instrumental music students learn guitar, percussion instruments like Cajon box, Bongo, cymbals, drums, Jambey etc.

Our school has a choir group and a music band. The musical renditions by the budding musicians are a treat to the ears.


This club helps the children to hone their oratory skills. The activities conducted in this club help the children to throw off their ‘stage fright’ and become confident and persuasive speakers. The students of this club host various events of the school like Deepotsav, Annual production, Christmas carnival, National festivals with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.


This club helps the budding shutterbugs to use photos as a medium to express their creativity and make the world more beautiful through the lens of their camera.