20 best extracurricular activities to consider in school life

20 best extracurricular activities to consider in school life

When you’re studying in a private school like Parevartan School in Ghaziabad, it is a blessing in disguise. One of the biggest advantages is to be able to balance between studies and extracurricular activities. Students are provided with many facilities to be able to develop their skills outside books as well. Here are 20 best extracurricular activities to consider in your school life:

  • Student Government body- Usually colleges love knowing the students who are a part of this. Being in the Student Government shows leadership qualities. It also displays you as a responsible individual. 

  • Debate team- Students a part of this team usually are good with general knowledge and current happenings. They are also great public speakers and confident. The certificates play a major role in college as well as work atmosphere. 

  • Quiz clubs- People with a great interest in general knowledge can be a part of quiz clubs. Every school has a quiz team that goes for competitions to other schools. The certificates play a major role throughout your life. 

  • Volunteer and community service- You can show your philanthropy by being a part of such groups. Most colleges abroad consider some form of community service work as a requisite for applicants. This is a good way for students to become more outspoken and build moral values as well. 

  • Sports- Participating in sports shows a great value of teamwork and leadership as well as physical fitness. And if you are serious about a particular sport, you can participate in competitions. As a result, you could also take it up as a career in the future. The certificates play a major role in college admissions. 

  • Writing club- If writing is your passion, you could join this club for the best. You could be a part of the editorial team of your school magazine and showcase your talents. 

  • Music- This is one of the best forms of art available in private schools. Choose your favourite instrument and make the best time learning it. It helps bring out your creativity as well. This is an important part of school life if you want to take up music as a career as well.

  • Science Olympiad- This national competition helps students become more aware of subjects in science and mathematics. The certificates play a major role in your college admission as well as job opportunities. 

  • Dance- Schools give a lot of importance to dance as an extracurricular activity. Dancing helps keep a student’s mind awake and physically fit. It also helps students embrace the culture in the form of classical styles of dance. 

  • Book club- Book clubs are a nice place to be if you are a lover of reading and books. You can learn a lot from a book club in the form of literature. 

  • Drama club- If the theatre is something that fascinates you, then this is the club perfect for you. It will help you develop your social and speaking skills and also help improve memory.

  • Chess club- Chess is a fun game to adapt to strategy, patience and timing. These 3 skills are very important in order to live. Being a part of this game helps improve your skills. 

  • Cooking- This is one of the most important life skills. Cooking is an art which helps bring out your creative side in forms of food as well. 

  • Art and craft- If you love playing with colours and have a creative mind, this is a good place to be in. Every school participates in art competitions and the certificates play a major role. 
  • National Cadet Corps- This should be a top priority for any student who would like to develop personal changes in life. As NCC cadet you will learn survival skills, discipline, crowd management, giving first-aid, and many other vital skills for everyday life. 

Long gone are the days when extracurricular activities were considered a distraction. Adding additional activities to your school life helps shape you as a person for the future. But at the same time, it is also important to maintain a balance in school life. To know how to achieve that, click here.

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