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5 Tips on Resuming school life post lockdown

We know how the deadly COVID-19 took the world by storm from late 2019 till today. Although there are a few relaxations going on in public and private sectors of various industries, strict safety measures are being followed. As schools are slowly reopening in India, it is important to keep these in mind for the benefit of everyone to stay safe, especially your school going child:

Restricting playground time and gatherings-

It might be the saddest point for your child to not be able to play with friends, but restricting large gatherings can help prevent the contraction of any diseases at this point of time.  

Different timings for different grades-

Being another way to avoid overcrowding, a slight change in the timings of classes for different grades is a great idea. It would prevent students from getting exposed to too many people.

Smaller classes-

A class can be split into smaller sections if the class is big. After that, the class can follow safety measures like keeping a 1-meter gap between students who are sitting in class.

Hygiene facilities-

The school should be well equipped with hand soaps, sanitisers, clean water and tissue papers for everyone. The bathrooms should be disinfected regularly. Similarly, the school should be disinfected before reopening in order to avoid any hazards in the long run. To be on a safer side, ask children to carry their own sanitisers as well.


The school should organize an orientation program after reopening where the students are trained and spoken to about the deadly virus and ways to keep themselves safe in the school premises. Students should wear their masks at all times. 

Instead of panicking on the thought of sending your child back to school life, it is important to be aware of the safety precautions for the virus and make sure that it is being followed everywhere. We at Parevartan value each student and teacher and make sure that their school life is both safe and secure.

Parents are to take up active responsibility in giving the right nutrients for building their child’s immunity. Here are a few foods from the ingredients list of our “nani-ghar” (grandmother’s house) that are a blessing in disguise for your child:

  • Turmeric milk- Also known as “Golden Milk” or simply “Haldi Doodh”, adding turmeric to milk is an amazing way to build immunity. Turmeric is known for its antibacterial and acts as an antioxidant. 
  • Kadha- An age-old Indian health drink, Kadha is made of various spices and tulsi leaves. This is usually given to people suffering from cold to heal faster. During the pandemic, this can be given to children for building their strength and immunity.
  • Vitamins- In order to build immunity, Vitamin C and D are the most essential. These are found in citrus fruits and vegetables. 
  • Cod liver oil- They are found in medical stores and are highly nutritious. Good for skin, hair, bones and immunity, cod liver oil can be consumed in the form of capsules.

Parevartan school in Ghaziabad believes in staying together and fighting the pandemic and coming back stronger.

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