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15 Signs of a happy school going child

Children are energetic and excited almost every time of the day, but are they happy? This is one question that rings at the head of every parent. Since school is a place where kids spend most of their time, it is important to know if they are actually happy. Here are 15 obvious signs of a happy school going child:

Being more sociable-

A school is usually filled with children who can be of the same age as your child. Kids usually open up and become friends with one another. When your child has friends and goes to school smiling, you know you have a happy child. 


Schools like Parevartan usually have extracurricular facilities which keep children more inclined to physical fitness and sports. When your child is doing this on a daily basis, he is enjoying it and is happy. 

Does his homework on time-

This is an obvious sign to know if your child is actually happy. Happy kids enjoy doing their homeworks and don’t look at it as a burden. 

Is always willing to share-

Sharing is usually a difficult task for kids. But with proper guidance around, sharing can actually lead to a beautiful thing for your child and the people around. 

Has good things to say about their school-

It is one of the most obvious ways of noticing what your child thinks about school. Just a question like “How was school today?” can answer your question. If he has good things to say about his classmates, teachers, day, friends, etc. he is a happy kid. 

Does well in school-

A happy child will always strive to do better each day in everything they do, be it in school or generally. If your child is scoring straight A’s and performing well in other co-curricular activities as well, he is a happy child. 

You are in touch with his teachers-

And they have good things to say about your child. Teachers never lie to parents about the students they deal with. If your ward’s teachers are happy with his performance and are in constant touch with you, you know you have a happy child. 

Not in constant need of a companion-

A happy kid can usually stretch his or her playtime alone and won’t bother you unnecessarily. 

Performing random acts of kindness-

This can be something like helping an old woman cross the road or even make you a cup of tea. Schools usually have Value Education as a subject which teaches you to treat everyone right. Doing things will be both cute as well as make others happy. 

Throws less tantrums-

Children usually want to get what they want and often throw tantrums when they don’t get it. A happy child, on the other hand, will throw less or rarely any tantrums because they are happy with the things around them 

Respects elders-

Unlike spoiled children, happy kids know the difference between their friends and elders. They treat elders with respect and listen to them.

They always listen to you-

Your child will always listen to what you say and do what you ask them to do. This is because they have been around older people in school and know that listening to them will be a better way to deal with situations. 

Not ignorant or arrogant-

A happy child will always listen to you and never ignore you. They will not consider themselves to be right all the time and will always be open to suggestions. 

Does not try and seek attention-

Most kids love to be around people getting all attention. On the other hand, a happy child is understanding and will not constantly seek attention and embarrass you. 

Takes part in other activities-

If your child is happy, he is always open to learn more about the things around him. As a result, he ends up taking part in other activities like sports, music, dance, etc. 

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