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A premium institute in Uttar Pradesh

Parevartan is a CBSE affiliated Senior-Secondary school where wisdom comes through experiential learning. Our faculty members, whom we lovingly address as ‘Gurumas’ provide students with adequate opportunities to learn through interesting interactions and activities.

Parevartan School started its journey in 2003 under the guidance of our founders – Mrs. Vinu Chaudhri and Late Brig. V.S. Chaudhri., as an institution committed to provide an environment where young minds grow in knowledge, confidence and a belief in self. Since its first Board in the year 2017, the school has been delivering a 100% result, and all our shining stars prove that when worked with the true intention and under right guidance, nothing in this world is impossible to achieve. We at Parevartan follow the core values i.e. Satya , Ahimsa , Shanti , Premand , Dharam , with the philosophy of 'Love all Serve all.'

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Values at Parevartan

Parevartan school

At Parevatan, we endeavor to create a wonder world in the image of Almighty where life is full of imagination & creativity, observation & curiosity, understanding & productivity, and most essentially, propelled by the pure winds of truth, love, righteousness, peace & non-violence.We aim to provide value-based high quality education to the children in a manner which enables them to realize their true potential and face the challenges of life confidently. And while we are at it we make sure that your child’s experience is a beautiful one, with love, care, strong values and a progressive environment.


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Ms. Vinu Chaudhri

(MD, Chairperson)

Ms. Sangeeta Sharma


Mr. Vishal Chaudhri

(Director Finance)

Ms. Vidushee Chaudhri

(Director Events)

Our vision raising a different league-“ to raise a league of right thinking students /individuals whose thought, word and deed are accurately aligned ”and thus creating a school of self inspired leaders.
Parevartan will support each student to improve her/his critical thinking and problem solving skills, TO establish values of being fair, firm and friendly AND thus promote decision making by following the 5Ds - Duty, Discipline, Devotion, Discretion and Dedication.
Parevartan’s monogram represents a traditional yogic hand mudra which stands for pure wisdom. The index finger folded into the thumb represents total acceptance unclouded by false pride and belief. The three raised fingers represent body, mind and soul in ascending order of size. This mudra puts forth Parevartan School’s philosophy aptly 'True learning puts character over mind & ego. It is a thing to be experienced by looking within oneself. While outer knowledge only makes one learned, it is the inner awareness that makes us truly wise. ♦ It is such holistic education that Parevatan stands for; education that gives rise to exceptional human beings.
Parevartan can be identified when a child addresses her/his teacher as Guruma. Why Guruma? 'Guru' is a person who dispels darkness & leads us on the right path. 'Ma' stands for unconditional love, so a 'Guruma' at Parevartan leads by example like a true Guru & wraps unconditional love around the child like Ma. Children at Parevartan share a really special bond with their Gurumas. Here Gurumas & Gurushrees are trained & self motivated. Our teachers live up to the image of 'Guruma' &' Gurushrees' by being fair, firm & friendly.